• All of our carefully selected hotels are conveniently located within close proximity to both the airports and our partner hospitals.
  • Check-in time for your room is at 14:00 p.m. so please bear this in mind when booking your flights to Istanbul. If you do arrive early, then you can leave your bags at the hotel and feel free to explore the city until your check-in time.

Bring a Friend with you to Istanbul

  • Our dedicated patient coordinators and nurses will be with you during every step of your journey, however when having a surgical procedure anywhere it’s always best to have a familiar face with you. So, if you’d like to bring a friend to accompany you, you can do so at no extra cost.
  • The duration of your stay in Istanbul is tailor-made for your surgical procedure. If, however you’d like to stay longer you can do so by paying for your extra nights. Please inform us in advance if you’d like to stay longer so that we can amend your booking accordingly.