• Your hotel stay includes free breakfast for you and your guest. Lunch and dinner are not included in your package. However, food is relatively cheap in Istanbul and there’re many options to choose from at the hotel.
  • The hotel mini bar is not included in your package. All rooms have a mini fridge, but you have to pay for all the items you consume.
  • The hotel management will put a hold on your credit card for incidentals. The hold will be removed within 24-48 hours after you check out from the hotel.

Spending Money

  • In addition to the payment for your surgery, we recommend bringing extra spending money with you for your personal expenses such as food and shopping.
  • Although foreign currencies are widely accepted in areas popular with tourists, you’re advised to bring Turkish Liras with you. You can exchange your currency for Turkish Liras at the airport or at an exchange office in the city.